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Finding a new, exciting person to talk to has never been easier! For less than a cup of coffee, you choose who, when, and what to talk to just a fingertip away.


"Redefining online interactions. "

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We give you the power of choosing whoever you want to talk to on our app.


We help you skip all obstacles in traditional social/friend making apps.


We will ensure the person you are talking to is who they say they are..

Our Story

Social media has incentivized fabricated online personas by setting unrealistic standards of beauty and lifestyle. However, we believe that true human connections lies beyond that fascade and can only be found through an actual genuine conversation. Unfortuntately, in today's world, who you get to connect online depends mostly on a fabricated persona, some numbers on your profile, or a blue tick mark. We want to help people connect with who they want without having to worry about all that.

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